Heart & Soul Centered Astrology

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Essentials Course 2023

with Ari Moshe Wolfe

Welcome to the Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Training Program!

This life is for waking up. Our bodies, our relationships, our time, our work are all a part of the unraveling of our true and eternal self, waking up from the dream of separateness. The meaning of this life is to use it as best as we can to grow, to learn, to heal more and to let go. When we heal we return to our source, we reunite with the open space of love and freedom that is our true nature.

The Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Training Program teaches astrology as a practice that provides profound and insightful knowledge into our own unique path of awakening. It is based predominately on the astrological teachings of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, taught through the lens of Ari’s own ongoing realization.

The Essentials Course

 The Essentials Course is devoted to teaching all the core basics of evolutionary astrology and the natal chart in a slow and step by step fashion. By the end of this course students will have a firm foundation in the philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology, all the various elements of a natal chart, the ability to interpret planet, sign, and house combinations, a deep understanding of the 12 archetypes as signs and houses and a deep understanding of the astrological planets from an evolutionary perspective.

After the Essentials Course is the Chart Interpretation Course where we learn about aspects, go deeply into working with the Lunar nodes, and learn the Evolutionary Astrology interpretive modality. This will be launched in the Summer of 2022. Students who complete the Chart Interpretation Course can continue on to the practicum. 

The Essentials Course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those who are more practiced but would like to orient to a soul-level study of astrology from the ground up with proper guidance.

At this time, prospective students can enroll in either just the Essentials Course or the complete 2022 learning program which includes the Chart Interpretation Course as well. Practicum not included). Learn more about the Chart Interpretation Course here. See below for enrollment options.

Essentials Course Structure

The Essentials Course is organized in 5 segments taught over 17 weeks, within which is included 4 break/integration weeks. Each segment comes with a series of educational videos, practice assignments, and teaching examples. All content is taught through pre-recorded video teaching. 12 live meetings are offered throughout the course for Q and A and practice. All live meetings are recorded and posted for student review. In addition to this, a forum is available throughout the week for ongoing questions and practice work. Students are also encouraged and supported to form small groups of 2 or 3 in order to cultivate relationship and practice the work with one another throughout the course and beyond.

What's Included In the Essentials Course


Course begins Feb 27th with the release of the segment 1 content. Ends on June 25th.
Included are several break weeks.


  • Essentials Course $999
  • 2022 Training Program (Essentials Course + Chart Interpretation Course) $200 off for full purchase $1,599 (normal rate: $1,799) 
  • Payment plans available
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  • See below for refund policy
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For those who are not interested in the training program/ community element and would just like to study the material alone, you can enroll in the Essentials Course Self-Study. Click here to learn more and register.

Curriculum Outline

  • Segment 1: Introduction and Philosophy
    • Introduction to the Evolutionary Astrology lineage, philosophy and the way of Heart and Soul Centered Astrology.
  • Segment 2: The Zodiac
    • The 12 signs of the the zodiac from an evolutionary perspective.
  • Segment 3: Astronomy of the natal chart
    • Includes an understanding of the basis for the tropical zodiac, the ecliptic, the nodes, and the basic celestial mechanics of the 4 quadrants and houses.
  • Segment 4: Houses
    • Includes practice with house/sign interpretation.
  • Segment 5: The Planets
    • In depth teaching on the evolutionary meaning of each planet plus many examples of synthesizing planet/sign/house combinations.

Essentials Course

$ 999
  • Full payment or 6 month payment plan

Full 2022 Training Program

Essentials Course + Chart Interpretation Course. $200 off.
$ 1599
  • Full payment or 10 month payment plan

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What Past Students Have to Say
About The Essentials Course with Ari Moshe

(Visit the Chart Interpretation Course, course 2 of the year long program, to read feedback on that course!)

An astrology teacher can only teach at their level of consciousness and Ari’s teachings radiate at compassion and love. Evolutionary astrology is the practice of seeing the cosmos through the lens of the soul. Ari’s vast knowledge of archetypes at different layers of human potential bring a modern loving light to the ancient study of stars.

– Andrew

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I was guided to do this course with Ari because his presence and approach to astrology and to life provides an opportunity for me to come into my own relationship with these energies and with the divine. This course absolutely did that for me. In addition, Ari approaches teaching and life with the perspective that “we are all walking the same journey” and that we are all facets of the divine. I resonate very much with this directive and this approach to life and to my work in the world. I can’t say enough how much I value this aspect of Ari’s way in the world, in addition to his authenticity, sincerity, openness, genuineness, willingness to learn and to be wrong, desire to listen, and commitment to ultimate, divine love. Ari is a rare gem of a human and teacher. 

– Martha

Ari Moshe Wolfe is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable, intuitive and sensitive astrologers alive today. He brings wonderful qualities to both his practice and his teaching. He has spent many years honing his understanding of the Cosmos, studying under the tutelage of many of the best exemplars of astrology. I feel very fortunate to be learning with Ari and look forward to continuing the art and practice of astrology along with greater understanding of my own Soul’s journey. Wise Ari Bard is a gift to this field of study through his mystical insights and his lilting musical gifts ~ truly an artist. With blessings and thanks, 

– Roberta McKnight

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I would recommend the Essentials Course to anyone and everyone who finds themselves asking the question “why?” in relation to their lives and purpose. It is for those wanting to not only understand themselves (and others), but also for those wanting a key to unlock the door allowing for the creation of a life that feels authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful. This course provides a pathway back home to the soul. And Ari Moshe Wolfe is the perfect person for passing along this sacred knowledge. A natural teacher on his own spiritual journey, he creates a safe environment that is supportive, compassionate, and encouraging. He is extremely knowledgeable, humble, authentic, and personable. It’s clear that this is a work close to his heart, and this energy pervades the entire course.

– Winter

The most effective useful facet of the course where the videos which I listened to as many times as I needed to digest the material. I will review them before the next course as it truly is the foundation for putting a whole picture together. I liked that we got to meet as a group, felt like a little family, and provided and excepting comfortable space to learn. Material was presented beautifully, with so much depth and clarity. I appreciated how the course progressed, beginning with the stages of evolution. That gave me the foundation to understand the content that followed more completely. I also found the workbook served to reinforce the information in the videos.

– Iris

In the short time I have studied with Ari I have discovered an interior well-spring. He encourages each student to sincerely become acquainted with their own soul in a gentle and non-judgmental way. Everyone brings an individual evolutionary trajectory to Ari’s teaching, and is welcomed into the perfection of the process of becoming, at their own pace.

– Mary

Ari’s teaching is powerful as he comes from an authentic and experienced place. He is kind and invested in each student’s learning. I would definitely take more courses in the future!

– Maureen

Frequently Asked Questions

​How Long Do I Have Access To the Course?

Forever! Students can also download and keep all content.

I already give astrology readings, is this still for me?

It absolutely can be. If you have never received the benefit of guidance from a teacher you resonate with, then this course has the potential to offer you the opportunity to strengthen your practice and become more rooted in a heart and soul centered perspective.

Is this an Evolutionary Astrology Course?

My lineage is Jeff Green’s EA. His teachings are in my blood and have nourished my understanding of astrology, and more broadly the soul and soul evolution. This said, my teachings in this course are informed by a well of personal experience and insight that cannot be ascribed to a singular tradition or modality. It is for this reason that I call my work, and this course the Heart and Soul Centered Astrology training, as it includes the EA lineage, but is not defined by it in its entirety. This course is compatible with the teachings of EA and is offered only on the shoulders of the teachers of the EA lineage: Jeffrey Wolf Green and Sri Yuktesewar and all the spiritual teachers and traditions that have and continue to nourish my insight. While there are differences, this course is appropriate for those who would like solid training within the Jeff Green EA lineage. 

What is your refund policy?

  • 100% refund (minus processing fee, which is generally about 3%) up until the release of segment 1 on Feb 27th
  • 90% refund up until March 5th, after the first live class and before segment 2 is released. After that point no refund is available.