The Beauty and Essence of Evolutionary Astrology

I am trained in the modality of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and I’d like to talk a bit about this beautiful practice.

Like all practices that are rooted in understanding and connecting with the soul, the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology opens the door to an ever expanding direct understanding the truth of what we are. This depth is how I experience this work and the essence of Jeffrey Wolf Green, who founded this paradigm 3 decades ago or so.

Jeff Green learned the entire EA paradigm initially through a dream that was transmitted to him by Sri Yuktesewar. Over a number of years Green would give free readings in order to put into practice the paradigm he had been taught in his dream. After some time, his professional life began, and when the time was right he wrote his first book, “Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”. That masterful book reflects the core teachings of EA as it was originally taught to him.

That book is far more than an astrology book. To me, it is also a spiritual guide for the soul. The beauty of EA is that it is a modality/practice that serves to guide all who study it, practice it, and benefit from it to grow closer to their own self-realization. This modality is unique in that it serves that purpose through the vehicle, the language of astrology.

The core message that EA has to offer is that we are all responsible of our own growth. Via our capacity for free will, we all have the capacity to make new and helpful choices relative to previously unconscious patterns. It is the intensity of our desire to grow, to evolve, that enables us to make such choices. Desire is the bottom line. Everything in our life is a reflection of our inner desire nature, and thus everything in our life inherently offers the opportunity for greater self-awareness.