Recommended Learning Resources

This page is dedicated to sharing learning resources for all those who are interested in studying the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. To main online centers to be aware of:

Books on EA

  • The School of EA Website hosts a thorough list of EA books.
  • Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul By Jeffrey Wolf Green. This is the core book of EA. It is most recommended above all else.
  • Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul in Relationships by Jeffrey Wolf Green. This expands upon the teachings of the first Pluto book and offers insights into relationships – why we attract who we attract, how to understand the evolution purpose, as well as the past dynamics, of any relationship. Venus and Mars, and an in depth section on phases and aspects.
  • Understanding Karmic complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy by Patricia Walsh. This is one of my favorite books. Patricia combines past life regression therapy and evolutionary Astrology – She exemplifies the core EA paradigm of understanding the soul’s past and how that leads to the current life by way of many past life regression cases that have been correlated to clients natal charts. Fascinating and truly insightful book!
  • Essays In Evolutionary Astrology: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul by Jeffrey Wolf Green, edited by Deva Green. These are really great essays by Jeff Green. With 12 chapters: there’s a full chapter on the planetary method of chart analysis, a chapter retrograde planets, a chapter on trauma via the outer planet, a chapter on Mercury, a chapter on planetary noes, a chapter Capricorn and the psychology of “Dark Eros”, and a chapter on the 6th house.
  • Evolutionary Astrology: A Beginners Guide
    This is my own ebook. Highly recommended for beginners to EA including those who have no previous knowledge of astrology.
  • Linda Johnson’s EA Glossary
    This is an AMAZING resource that I highly recommend to any serious student of this work.

EA Certification Course

This is the place to order and enroll in the Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology complete correspondence course. School of Evolutionary Astrology DVD Course