Welcome to my Free Teachings Page!

This page is devoted to offering various teachings including specialized playlists and individual classes. Most of these teachings come from the EA Zoom Meetings YouTube Channel and from my own Heart & Soul Centered Astrology YouTube Channel. Please enjoy!

Playlists & Series

Currently Ongoing 2022 series with Ari Moshe and Kristin Fontana on Uranus through the 12 Houses.

Series with Ari Moshe and Kristin Fontana on Chiron through the 12 Houses. Taught over EA Zoom Meeting YouTube Channel in 2020.

Series taught in 2021 on each of the 12 houses.

Collection of free videos on various Jupiter topics.

Teachings on Neptune

Old collection of open Q and A videos from EA Zoom Meetings.

Series of teachings on Mars.

Teachings on cultivating a spiritual perspective to our understanding of astrology and applying this understanding to our use of astrology.

Various topics from the spiritual path.

Featured One Off Teachings

Insightful interview with the Self-Help Witch on Pluto squaring the Nodes in 2023. I also address some of the core principals of the work that I do and speak to the meaning of Pluto and the nodes in the natal chart.

Insightful interview with Amanda of Astrology Hub in 2023. A part of their 12 house series.

Class with Gemini Brett and Ari Moshe on the 2022 nodal regress into Taurus and Scorpio. Lovely combination of soul-centered teachings, brilliant earth-sky teachings on the nodes, Moon, and much more, and a delightful exchange of insights and reflections.

Interview with Amanda Walsh of Astrology Hub in 2021 on when planets square the nodes in the natal chart.

In this talk I share insights on the Uranus signature and speak about how spiritual awakening is the most direct and relevant way to bring healing and change to this planet. I also look deeply into the life example of Gandhi and Ramana Maharshi to exemplify these teachings in two different ways.

Audio Teachings

Neptune Through the Houses

Recorded from fall 2014 to fall of 2015 on Kristin Fontana’s EA radio show: Guiding Stars.

Pluto Through the Houses

Recorded from fall of 2012 to fall of 2013 on Kristin Fontana’s EA radio show: Guiding Stars.  

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