Being Authentic with Jupiter
By Ari Moshe Wolfe

This book teaches the essence of Jupiter as corresponding to what is natural, sincere, honest and uncontrived. Each chapter explores a different aspect of Jupiter with creative stories, astrological examples and life teaching. It is both a useful astrological book for understanding the many facets Jupiter, as well as a spiritual book that offers insight and inspiration for living in a sincere and honest way.

Here are a few excerpts: 
From the Introduction
Where do we find the truth of reality? In reality, of course. How do we learn more about our true nature? By being true to our nature. How can we learn more from nature? By being natural.

The teachings of Jupiter are incredibly simple and to the point. There is no fluff, no highly conceptual ideas to wrap our minds around. Jupiter simply points to what is natural and real and where we each discover this in our own lives through our own personal and direct experience.

From Chapter Two: Stories of Authenticity 
This is where the popular Jupiter notions of “luck” and “taking leaps of faith” come from. It’s not some happenstance idea of luck. It’s that when we act from a deeply authentic and sincere place, we are inherently in resonance with the cosmos. And life has its own flow.

Freedom is rooted in authenticity, and when we are free to be true to ourselves in each moment, then we will not miss what life is revealing. Opportunities, connections, synchronicities all emerge because we are not somewhere other than here. Life is intelligent and wholistic. It resonates with our authenticity.

From Chapter Three: Dishonesty, Self-Convincing, and Exaggeration
“I was waiting forever” factually means something different than “I was waiting for fifteen minutes.” In the exaggeration of Sagittarius, actual data is usually misconstrued. The tension between Gemini and Sagittarius can reflect the dishonesty of using whatever words will convey the idea that wants to be expressed to the disregard of the accuracy and actual meaning of the words.

From Chapter Five: A Word Game Through the 12 Houses
The 4th house:

  • Authentic nourishment: Like a hug that is undeniably good for you.
  • Nourishing authentically: Emotional sincerity that feeds and provides for what the most tender and delicate within us are needing.
  • Authenticity is nourishment: The truth is like a warm blanket that says everything is ok.
  • Nourishment is authentic: A wolf bringing home its kill to its den.

From Chapter 7: Optimism and Pessimism Part 2
The truth is, Jupiter in our chart is where we can under appreciate anything in life. This under appreciation expresses by way of seeking somewhere or something else other than right here, right now The core of this seeking and perpetual dissatisfaction is based on the perception that the current reality is limiting and restrictive to the freedom needed to live in one’s truth. What’s implied is that the current reality requires one to be unfree and is restrictive to one’s authentic movement in life. What’s implied is that right here and right now is something to escape because a soul cannot be true to its nature.

Optimism as Living in the Moment
Optimism can be defined as being open and conscious of the opportunities that simply are available right here and right now. To me, the attitude of optimism is the opposite of alienation, discontent, and the need for something better somewhere else. An optimistic attitude recognizes that the principales of reality are applicable right now. It seeks the wisdom of life, knowing that the Tao is always operative. In this awareness, there’s an inherent curiosity and joyful anticipation of “what’s next.” This anticipation does not take one out of the moment, rather it is a fuller expression of living in it.

Being Authentic with Jupiter by Ari Moshe Wolfe
70 Pages
Summer 2020