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About Ari Moshe

I am certified in the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

I regard EA and the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green with such love and respect and am incredibly honored to be practicing and carrying on this lineage. I studied intensely from 2008 till around 2014, when I began teaching my first courses.

In 2011, I wrote the forward to the republished classic “Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul” by Jeff Green. In 2012, I wrote my beginners guide to EA. 

For the next 10 years I taught occasional classes by myself and with various groups of astrologers. In 2021, I launched the first year of the Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Training Program.

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Reading the Chart with Love's Eyes

Everything in our life serves the highest purpose of helping us to know ourselves. It is our devotion to this self-knowledge that determines how we will see and interpret everything. Heart and Soul Centered Astrology works with astrology as a practice that provides profound and healing insight into our unique path of awakening.

Awakening is nothing other than our remembering of what we are, peaceful and whole, free and loving by our very nature. Love is our original unchanging essence.

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Awaken Your Unique Path through EA

The Heart and Soul Centered Astrology teaches astrology as a practice that provides profound and insightful knowledge into our own unique path of awakening. It is based predominately on the astrological teachings of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, taught through the lens of Ari’s own ongoing realization. 

You will find an extensive collection of online classes and courses on various topics designed for all levels of astrological experience.

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Stay True to the Soul’s Evolutionary Purpose

Reading a chart can be many things. To me, in its highest understanding, it is the art and practice of being a conduit for love.

Staying true to the soul’s evolutionary purpose, while also keeping the mirror of our minds clean, enables us to speak the truth with love and compassionate understanding. The purpose of these practice classes is to create a space for students and practitioners seeking to strengthen their practice and train in chart reading work.

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What Past Students Have to Say

AndrewEssentials Course student
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An astrology teacher can only teach at their level of consciousness and Ari’s teachings radiate at compassion and love. Evolutionary astrology is the practice of seeing the cosmos through the lens of the soul. Ari’s vast knowledge of archetypes at different layers of human potential bring a modern loving light to the ancient study of stars. – Andrew, Essentials Course student
BrookeFull Year Training Program student
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This class was a true gift in my life. Not only did I learn astrology from Ari, but his teachings supported my own evolution and positively impacted all areas of my life. I am humbled and grateful to have Ari as a teacher and I highly recommend joining any of his classes that resonate for you.
AfsanehFull Year Training Program student
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From the beginning, I was shy to talk but during the lessons, when I see how Ari Moshe lessened the question and perfectly answered them without any judgment, I start to talk and ask whatever the question regarding the lesson. And in each webinar, we could ask questions about the previous segment and that was helpful.
ArielFull Year Training Program student
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The first time I encountered Ari’s teaching I felt this unmistakable yes rippling through my cells. Many times I I find my self jaw dropped and experiencing goosebumps listening to a knowing that I have had my whole life, articulated so profoundly by these teachings. It feels more like a permission slip and a mirror held up for me to be my own northstar then an astrology class. He truly has helped me see that we look to teachers and guides to remember that we were always the ones holding the map. If you are someone who is deeply called to Astrology, a path of integrity and spirituality, I truly could not recommend Ari’s work more. It has been a gift and a blessing to learn from him.
MarthaFull Year Training Program student
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I was guided to do this course with Ari because his presence and approach to astrology and to life provides an opportunity for me to come into my own relationship with these energies and with the divine. Ari approaches teaching and life with the perspective that, “we are all walking the same journey” and that we are all facets of the divine. I resonate very much with this directive and this approach to life and to my work in the world. I can’t say enough how much I value this aspect of Ari’s way in the world, in addition to his authenticity, sincerity, openness, genuineness, willingness to learn and to be wrong, desire to listen, and commitment to ultimate, divine love. Ari is a rare gem of a human and teacher. 

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As I’m gearing up for my 2024 Training Program I want to do my best to get the word out. I’d like to get on podcasts and YouTube channels – predominately those with larger followings (1,000+ subscribers) and of course, I’m always open to any connection that resonates strongly for me regardless of following size.
These platforms don’t need to be astrologically related, but for sure something that resonates with spirituality, the soul, evolution, healing, forgiveness, etc – all of which beautifully weave into my work with astrology. Let me know if you want to collab!

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