Heart & Soul Centered Astrology

– Advanced Student Practice Classes –

Advanced Practice Classes

Reading a chart can be many things. To me, in its highest understanding, it is the art and practice of being a conduit for love.

Staying true to the soul’s evolutionary purpose, while also keeping the mirror of our minds clean, enables us to speak the truth with love and compassionate understanding. In this way, each interaction is a shared healing for both client and practitioner.

Welcome to the Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Advanced Practice Classes

The purpose of these practice classes is to create a space for students and practitioners of Evolutionary Astrology seeking to strengthen their practice, to further osmose, practice and train in chart reading work in a supportive, intimate, heart and soul centered community environment guided by Ari Moshe.

Who is eligible to join?

What is included in these classes?

  • Topical classes and student request

    Ari will designate certain classes for particular topics. Students are also welcome to request topics or particular areas of study for our classes.

  • Live chart interpretation

    On occasion, Ari will model live chart interpretation work with volunteers. Class time will be designated for preparation of these live readings as well.

  • Forum

    Community forum will be utilized in service to the learning and the content of our live classes.

  • Student practice

    Ari is available to offer feedback and support for students who are practicing or preparing for reading charts for others.

  • Pre-recorded content

    All students have access to pre-recorded classes on using astrology as a tool for service, cultivating alignment, and working with common pitfalls and their teachings.

  • Loving & Inclusive Community

    Community of souls all sharing a similar devotion to spiritual growth and soul-centered astrology

Dates & Cost

For eligible students only. Enrollment is open now, series ends mid July (possibility for a new series to begin in September). Enrollment ends March 1.

Advanced Practice Classes Subscription

$ 405 one-time payment or $75/ month for 6 months.
  • 10% off of full payment
  • Access to all January and February class recordings
  • Class series ends in July

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are already well studied in the practice of EA as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, then you are welcome to join. This means you have either taken a training with another teacher of this EA lineage or have studied extensively on your own for a long period of time. Reading some content on EA or having perused it without any formal or serious long term training doesn’t count. 

The Jeffrey Wolf Green EA modality offers a particular perspective that is quite different from other paradigms. In order to not have to teach the basics over again, it is necessary that students have a basic foundation in this work.

Yes. As long as you enter the advanced practice classes already at a solid enough level of familiarity and experience with EA chart interpretation work, you are welcome to enroll in my training program at the same time.

I consider these classes as a more personal and direct way to receive my support and guidance. I will always be available to support and empower anyone who is soul-guided to do this work on behalf of others. I will not be offering actual certification.

  • 100% refund (minus processing fee, which is generally about 3%) up until the first class.
  • For those who paid for a full year subscription, 80% refund within a day after the first class.
  • For those on monthly subscription, no refund after first class, but subscription can be cancelled anytime so it doesn’t renew in the next month.