Soul to Soul Companionship Sessions

As a teacher, my truth and practice is to direct us towards the love that we are, to allow the space for our return and reconnection to what is fundamentally true and forgiving. Our own soul empowerment and knowledge of our inner worth is of primary importance and immanence. I work with astrology in this vein.

Soul to Soul Companionship allows for individuals to work with me over a more sustained period of time. We either plan our sessions via email exchanges, setting intention for certain topics (astrology and/or otherwise) or just show up and allow the purpose to reveal itself in each session. Our intention and orientation to our time together that is what yields what arises.

Soul to Soul Companionship brings 100% focus on the soul regardless of any practices, lessons, techniques or skills we bring to it. Astrology or otherwise. Technical knowledge and skill is at best a vessel that serves as a channel for the exchange of love and healing, which I consider to be the true purpose of every interaction. This is more than just a discounted group of sessions. It is a container for relationship and healing.

Those who are called to join me
1. Are committed to applying spiritual principle into all aspects of their life and understand that love is the source from which all understanding and knowledge comes to be.
2. Feel a soul resonance in working with me and with trusting the intelligence of the moment and soul authenticity to lead the way.

To set this container, which will open up in me a certain degree of energetic availability and attentiveness, I ask for a commitment of 4 sessions to be spread out within a time span of no more than a year. This is a suggestion and is flexible. This is to create a more solid and focused container for conscious and intentional work together.

Payment and Booking
Payment: $600

Payment and booking can be made on my Book a Session page.