The Heart & Soul Centered Astrology
Relationships and Evolution Weekend Retreat

One of the gems of astrology is its use for providing insight into our relationship needs and how our relationships always reflect and point us back to our core soul evolutionary dynamics. Relationships have such immense spiritual potential, and using astrology as a tool to unlock this potential is incredibly valuable.

The purpose of this course is to understand relationship as a path towards soul evolution and spiritual healing. We will learn the core relationship significators in the natal chart as well as the basic philosophy, skills and practice of synastry and composite chart interpretation from an evolutionary perspective. 

The teachings of this course will be offered in segments:

  • Part 1: The philosophy and nature of relationship as a spiritual path
  • Part 2: Understanding relationship needs and soul dynamics through the natal chart
  • Part 3: The composite chart and synastry comparison

The teachings of this course are based predominately on the teaching of Evolutionary Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Green and are influenced by the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

Class Topics

Course will be taught over a single weekend. Each class is accompanied with a workbook with essential notes, resources and charts relevant to each class.

  • The Meaning of Relationships

    In this introductory segment we will examine the meaning of relationship from a spiritual, evolutionary perspective. Themes: Forgiveness, soul-evolution, needs and values, as well as the various different relationship types and forms of relationship that manifest in our lives. We will also introduce the use of the natal chart, composite charts and synastry analysis as a path for understanding the evolutionary potential of any relationship.

  • Relationship Needs and Soul Dynamics in the Natal Chart

    There are many factors in the natal chart that relate to the archetype of "relating". Among the most basic are Venus and Mars. Pluto is also very much associated with the deep bonds we create and why we create them. Further, there are several houses in the natal chart that correspond to our core relationship dynamics. This segment will explore all of these so we can understand the core soul needs and dynamics that manifest in relationship for any soul according the natal chart.

  • Composite & Synastry Analysis: Our Shared Evolutionary Intention and Karmic Interaction

    Just as each natal chart reflects the evolutionary intention of an individual soul's lifetime, the composite chart reveals the evolutionary intention between any two souls. Synastry comparisons reveal the ways in which each individual soul path interacts with that of another. Combined, composite charts and synastry comparisons are a helpful tool for supporting any two souls to orient their relationship to the purpose of soul evolution. In this segment we learn the composite chart in order to understand the underlying evolutionary purpose of the relationship in the current life and use synastry comparison in order to identify the core evolutionary signatures in each soul's chart relative to one another. Our focus in synastry and composite will primarily be on working with Pluto, the nodes and the nodal rulers as well as specific themes that relate to each soul's individual relationship needs and orientations as it relates to that of the other.

Date & Time

  • Date

    Class will be held on Saturday and Sunday, the weekend of _______

  • Time

    Each day, class will begin at 10:00 am Pacific and end at 2:00 pm with a hearty break in the middle. Time for q and a will be created each. Recordings will be available after each day for those who cannot make any portion of the class live.


This course is open to anyone who is familiar with astrological basics and would like to delve more deeply into the study of composite and synastry work from an evolutionary perspective.

Current and past students of my Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Training program (Part I or Part 2) which includes the Essentials Course Self-Study are welcome to enroll at 25% off. Contact Ari for coupon code.

Composite & Synastry Reading

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these teachings only relate to people in a romantic relationship?

These teachings relate to any two souls in any kind of relationship configuration (family, romantic, business etc).

I can't make the classes live, can I still attend and ask questions?

Yes. You will have access to the recordings. After reviewing the recordings, students are always welcome to ask questions that relate to the course content for the purposes of further clarification.

I am not skilled in Astrology, will I be able to follow?

All that is required to participate is a working knowledge of the basics of astrology, not necessarily any skill in chart interpretation work. This basic knowledge will allow students to follow the language used. This being said, naturally those who are well practiced in Evolutionary Astrology will have a greater capacity to engage and interact with some of the content more deeply. There may be aspects or techniques utilized that might feel like a stretch for those who are more new. Nevertheless, such things will not be the focus on the course and my intention is to keep is simple but deep and accessible.

Will we have a chance to look at our own relationship charts?

Students are welcome to email me ahead of time with specific questions or personal chart examples. If I feel that it would be helpful for the group learning, then I might decide to utilize your chart examples as a part of the live teaching.

What is your refund Policy?

100% refund (minus transaction fee) up until a day before the course. No refund starting the day of the course.