Just as each natal chart reflects the evolutionary intention behind the individual soul’s lifetime, the composite chart reveals the evolutionary intention between any two souls.

Likewise, synastry charts simply reveal the ways each individual soul path interacts with that of another. Combined, composite charts and synastry comparisons are a helpful tool for supporting any two souls to understand and orient their relationship to the purpose of soul growth.

Introducing the Heart & Soul Centered Astrology Composite and Synastry Chart Reading Mini Course!

The purpose of this mini course is to learn and practice synastry and composite chart interpretation from an evolutionary perspective. 

We will be reading portions of Pluto II: the evolutionary Journey of the Soul Through Relationship by Jeffrey Wolf Green as a required text of this course as well as selected excerpts from various spiritual texts that relate to our learning.


This course will taught over 5 live classes. 

  • The Purpose of Relationship

    Free intro class. The meaning of all relationships, why we each come together, universal themes of forgiveness, healing, soul-evolution, specific relative needs.

  • Composite Charts: Our Shared Evolutionary Intention

    Working with composite charts in order to understand evolutionary purpose of any relationship. Comparing composite charts to each individual's natal chart. Working with composite Pluto and the nodes.

  • Synastry Analysis Part 1

    Part 1 of synastry analysis is to identify core themes that relate to the core evolutionary signatures in each soul's chart. Specifically: synastry involving Pluto, nodes and the nodal rulers.

  • Synastry Analysis Part 2

    Looking at more specific themes that relate to each soul's individual relationship needs and orientations. Focus on Mars, Venus, Saturn and Moon in synastry.

  • Composite and Synastry combined

    Examples and practice of working with both composite and synastry charts combined.


This course is open to anyone who is already familiar with astrological basics and would like to delve more deeply into the study of composite and synastry work from an evolutionary perspective.