Jupiter Completing it’s Time in Pisces

As Jupiter moves to complete it’s time in Pisces, and is squared by all these Sag planets during the month of December, I feel the core theme of this time is about cultivating our trust and letting go of any beliefs in the way of where the path wishes to take us.

I feel there is immense wisdom in the spiritual analogy of the labyrinth. When we walk the labyrinth we get to these points where we really think we are about to arrive in the center! It can be incredibly disappointing to realize that there is a wall between where we stand now and the center. Many people stay at that wall, convincing themselves that they are so close to the center, or that perhaps this is simply as far as one can go.

To open up our minds and acknowledge that perhaps there is more path to walk, sometimes means facing our own disappointment. It sometimes means acknowledging that we are not where we believed we would or should be. And yet, as we continue walking and turn the next corner, yes we might seemingly find ourselves walking further from the center, and yet our walk will expose us to entirely new realms of experience that will teach us and guide us. We will be expanded and grow in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined.

Keeping an open mind will show us that the path knows more than we do. Sometimes when it seems like we are moving further away from our goal, we are in actuality only creating more space to get there in  natural and intuitive timing. On life’s timeline, not ours.

Today my friend Gayle quoted something I apparently wrote and shared on Facebook way back in 2011. I find these words perfect for these strong Sagittarius, Pisces, Jupiter transits.
“Creation is made in such a way that all souls are naturally guided to their highest purpose. For that to happen, all we need to do is allow it. A plan is underway, and it’s not necessary for you to know that plan. Trust the seeming invisible more than the seeming visible.”