Introduction to Jupiter in Aries

In just a couple of week Jupiter will enter Aries. In total, this transit will only span 5 months, and it will be a very engaging, stimulating and adventurous time.

Lets begin now, and continue over the next few newsletters, to take a look at some of the core evolutionary themes of this transit.

Jupiter and Honesty
Any transit of Jupiter corresponds to exactly where we are each coming into our own ever-expanding understanding of reality. This expansion can be applied to all areas of life. Relationship, business, health, politics, car mechanics, cooking etc. Jupiter is never really about the particulars, it’s about the principals of reality itself. Thus, these principals can be realized and applied in any area of life experience. Some people call this natural law, others may call it the way of the tao.

To delve into our exploration of Jupiter in Aries, I want introduce an important facet of Jupiter, and that is “honesty”. Comprehending the principals of reality is synonymous with being honest. What is honest corresponds to what is true and directly evident. In other words, realization or insight can’t be faked. The study of Jupiter through any sign can be thought of as a study of the openings and growth that come as a result of honesty as well as the collapse and pitfalls that come as a result of dishonesty.

Here’s a quote from my book “Being Authentic with Jupiter” that expresses this idea well,

“To be honest means to be authentic with one’s experience. Nature is always a good example of this. When the leaves are falling from a tree, they will gently float down to the earth. When the rain falls, it will make a little droplet sound when it drops into a puddle. Nature’s expression is true to its experience. For us humans, however, it’s so easy to contort our lives so that we try to make something true all the while being dishonest about what is actually is true.

“Truth is safe. Often times we are afraid that if we really get honest with ourselves, that if we are authentic enough to find our truth where we are, that we will be misunderstood, that people will not get us. If no one understands you, is your own truth still valid?

“A core belief many people have is simply that the truth isn’t good enough. It won’t be impressive, wont make any changes, won’t be believed, that it falls short of where we were hoping to be. And yet, the truth always takes us back to that precious zero point where life begins.”

Lets take this dimension of Jupiter and apply it to it’s movement through Aries!

Introduction to Jupiter in Aries
Consider that all fire archetypes are somewhat self-focused. Jupiter requires an immense amount of spaciousness and freedom to find it’s way in life. Aries of course needs to move solo and needs to feel it’s own freedom in order to act upon whatever it deems as necessary for it’s own blossoming path. Combined, there’s a need to follow one’s intuition and a profound awareness of the personalness of one’s existence. have a destiny, a soul pilgrimage to walk, and only can claim that and embrace whatever walk lays before me.

On the one hand, this can express as an exaggerated, false sense of immediacy and defensiveness relative to anything that seems to be hindering one’s need for ongoing freedom. On the other hand, there is a genuine calling here for courage and to not be afraid to walk it alone; to go where one has never been before. This is the essence of Jupiter in Aries: there is more to experience, more to learn, and I need to know that my life is designed to find it. I am here for greater realization and am free to pursue that.

But what if there is fear? What if I get way ahead of myself? What if I make a mistake or am just convincing myself of what I want to be true? Am I being honest with myself? How can I know if this is the right path? These are some of the deeper questions that will be alive for us during the next several months.

Over the next few newsletters I will continue to explore this theme of living courageously, freely and honestly with Jupiter in Aries!