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Christiane Dumont

I wrote to Ari the other day, thought I could have shared my writing here instead :

Hello Ari

These 2 Videos are excellent! ❤️❤️❤️ Love it
It helps me in  my preoccupation of the moment. I am deepening my reflections in order to present myself to the world with clear and humbled posture.

Yes I did free sessions and hold the space too long and talked to much and did not check with the person if it’s ok or listened enough all what you mentioned I did ….
And still do but not as much as before

I am aware of the ego part which want to take the place, of the power ego wants to take sometimes and the fear to not be good enough. The risk of astrology to be a show to impress the other.

It’s really a huge work to humble myself!!!
Even though I know that since beginning I am very aware of these shadows in myself and in these old techniques such as astrology or card readings, reikis and all these stuff, even religion
Anything can be an instrument for power, anything really: relationships, intimacy, religion, food, astrology, etc etc etc