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Interview with Ari Moshe

I was recently interviewed by MysticMag and it is a really beautiful interview! I was sincerely impressed by the thoughtfulness of the questions. In this interview I was asked about my early days of seeing astrology as a spiritual study, how I integrate A Course in Miracles in my work with Evolutionary Astrology, how music shapes my astrological learning, and more!


Check it out here: MysticMag Interview with Ari Moshe


New Class! Planets That Square the Nodes

In natal charts, planets that square the nodes represent important soul dynamics that have the potential for great healing in the current life. In this 3 part class, Ari Moshe delves deeply into this topic. Class based entirely on the teachings of EA as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Jupiter NN and the Challenges of Too Much!

Jupiter in Taurus & the Flow of Fullness and Emptiness

Jupiter Joins the North Node

Jupiter Enters Taurus!

Stories & Insights on Learning

On Freedom and Attachment

Pluto Squaring the Nodes

Pluto Rx May - Oct

Pluto & Our Deepest Commitment

A Spiritual and Practical Look at the 12th House!

Ongoing class series with myself and 4 Evolutionary Astrology colleagues. Join individual classes or enroll in the entire series here: JWGAEA.ORG

Heart & Soul Centered Astrology

Astrology teachings in service
to our waking up as the Love that we are

Ari Moshe Wolfe

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Reading the Chart with Love's Eyes

Everything in our life serves the highest purpose of helping us to know ourselves. It is our devotion to this self-knowledge that determines how we will see and interpret everything. Heart and Soul Centered Astrology works with astrology as a practice that provides profound and healing insight into our unique path of awakening.

 Awakening is nothing other than our remembering of what we are, peaceful and whole, free and loving by our very nature. Love is our original unchanging essence.

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Intuitive Guidance Session

During a session I illuminate the evolutionary meaning of your natal chart in order to provide specific insight regarding any soul/karmic dynamics that are relevant to your own growth at the time. Available as 1 hour and 33 minute mini sessions.

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Soul to Soul Companionship

Soul to Soul Companionship allows for individuals to work with me over a more sustained period of time. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity to deepen in your own soul evolution through ongoing relationship.

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Relationship Reading

For 2 people who would like support in clarifying various dynamics in their relationship by looking at their charts together from an evolutionary/soul perspective.

About Ari Moshe

With clarity and compassion Ari Moshe teaches astrology as a spiritual study that serves in our own soul evolution. Ari Moshe’s teaching is rooted in the beautiful lineage of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and continues to blossom with his own ongoing realization. Ari also deeply draws upon the wisdom teachings of A Course in Miracles, and brings his music with him wherever he goes.

Ari is a devotional love musician/ singer-songwriter. Check out his music here