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With Ari Moshe Wolfe

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The Chart Interpretation Course is Part II of my year long training program. Open ONLY to those who are already studied in the basics of EA as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Application Necessary.

Here you will find an extensive collection of online classes, series and courses designed for all levels of astrological knowledge, from total beginners to those more experienced.

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About Me

With clarity and compassion, I teach and practice astrology as a spiritual tool in service to our soul evolution. My teaching is rooted in the lineage of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and continues to blossom with my own ongoing realization. I regard the teachings of EA  with such love and respect and am deeply grateful to be carrying this lineage.

In 2011 I wrote the forward to the republished classic Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul by Jeffrey Wolf Green, as well as my own Beginners guide to EA. I’ve been teaching in various capacities since then and launched my own Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Full Year Training Program in 2021, currently beginning its 4th year!

I am a devotee of A Course in Miracles which deeply influences my work. I am also a musician and am ever joyed to share my musicRead on to learn more about my various offerings and teachings.

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Sessions with Ari Moshe

Reading the Chart with Love's Eyes

During a session I work with your natal chart as a way to understand the core soul lessons of your lifetime. I listen deeply to whatever questions and intentions you have and devote the session as a healing space in service to your soul’s highest growth. I offer one on one sessions, relationship readings and long term Soul-to-Soul Companionship sessions.

LaurenChild and Family advocate
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Ari Moshe is truly a treasure of a person to be connected to. Through a decade of astrological studies and pursuits, no readings have been as clear or fruitful as his, and no teacher leads with heart as purely as he does. With complete trust in his humility and dignity, I cannot even count how many people I have sent his way for readings over the years - for all of them to receive glowing experiences that continue to serve their journeys. Having known Ari Moshe since 2012, I can attest that an hour with him will plant seeds for years to come. His readings do not end with the session, but continue to grow with you. Ari is honestly the only practicing astrologer I feel comfortable recommending to anyone seeking guidance on their evolutionary path. His gifts are beyond a blessing for humanity and I couldn’t be more grateful for the work he provides.
MonicaMulti Disciplinary Artist
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I have known Ari for a couple of years, I have had his readings and throughout I have participated in some of his online courses. His vast knowledge and humility are unmeasurable, I connect to his deep sense of service. Recently I decided to sign up for the soul companion 1:1 sessions. While Working with Ari I feel safe, connected and I have a feeling of expansion, as he attends to deep listen to my insights, narratives, and aha moments. Then he dives deep into the realm of his wisdom and brings forth insightful annotations about what he can observe and offer back to me - Although we met through EA, we can use and understand its language, what emerges during the sessions is a mutual appreciation, recognition, acknowledging that through deep dialogue one can find jewels that are brought back to light through mutual presence - I feel the excitement of a traveler during a journey of rediscovering and unveiling different views, Ari is a true soul to soul companion- I am in gratitude for his dedication that is full of sacredness
EmilyAttorney and Astrologer
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The sessions I’ve had with Ari Moshe were life-affirming and life-changing. He had a deep capacity to tune into my needs and help me come back into my heart. His ability to speak to my soul’s history shed much light on my past and present experiences. His guidance and encouragement helped me make major shifts in my inner and outer reality. His strong intuition has helped me tune into my own. Ari Moshe is a wonderful teacher and guide. My life would not be the same without his insights and strength at holding space for me to be truly seen and heard. Sessions with Ari Moshe are powerful, truthful and loving.

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I want to do my best to get the word out about my training program and ongoing offerings. I’d like to get on podcasts and YouTube channels – predominately those with larger followings (1,000+ subscribers) and of course, I’m always open to any connection that resonates strongly for me regardless of following size.
These platforms don’t need to be astrologically related, but for sure something that resonates with spirituality, the soul, evolution, healing, forgiveness, etc – all of which beautifully weave into my work with astrology. Let me know if you want to collaborate! ceo@arimoshe.com