Retrograde Planets Class Series

Complete series cost with lifetime access is $230.

Upcoming Class

Register for the upcoming Chiron rx class on Dec 17th, just as Chiron is stationing direct! $35. Zoom link sent to you upon purchase.

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Purchase the recent Venus rx class as we prepare for the upcoming Venus rx journey in Capricorn. $35

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About the Class Series

This class series is devoted to studying the evolutionary meaning of each retrograde planet, both in transit and in the natal chart. Each class will be a live meeting on zoom and will be recorded for students. All classes will start on time and run 75-90 minutes. Handout of notes and teachings will be made available with each class.

The dates for the classes have been designed around key planetary transits relative to the retrograde cycles. All classes are either during or near a Sun planet conjunction or opposition (which represents either the midpoints between retrograde cycles or the midpoint of a retrograde cycle), during or near when a planet stations retrograde or direct, or when a planet is soon to enter its retrograde shadow period. All classes 11:00 am Pacific time.

  • Uranus – Friday April 30: Sun Uranus conjunction
  • Saturn – Friday May 21 Saturn soon to station retro (in a day)
  • Mercury – Friday June 18 Mercury soon to station direct (in three days)
  • Pluto – Friday July 16: Sun Opposite Pluto rx (exact in a day)
  • Jupiter – Friday Aug 20: Sun opposite Jupiter rx (1 day prior)
  • Neptune – Friday Sept 10: Sun opposite Neptune rx (in 3 days)
  • Mars – Friday Oct 8: Sun Mars conjunction
  • Venus – Friday Nov 12: Venus soon to enter rx shadow (in 5 days)
  • Chiron – Friday Dec 17: Chiron stations direct (in 1 day)


Can I join this class if I can’t make all the classes live? 

Absolutely. All classes are recorded and available for you to download. Students are also welcome to sign up at any point of the series since all previous classes will be available for all registered students.

Will we get to look at our own charts during class? 

We will touch upon our own charts at times and Ari will be available to address questions about our own natal signatures. We will not however be providing in depth chart reading as that requires a deeper container. For this reason, the bulk of our chart examples will be of well know public figures and other charts Ari will present.

Is there a difference between retrograde in transit and in the natal chart? Which will you be teaching?

Retrograde planets in the natal chart reflect karmic dynamics specific to the particular soul’s evolutionary journey, and thus has to be properly interpreted in the context of that soul’s journey. Similarly, transiting retrograde, while it is happening for everyone on the planet, will specifically manifest in ways that are relevant to the soul’s present moment evolutionary needs. Thus, the retrograde archetype always needs to be applied  to an individual context in order to be properly understood. For this reason, any blanket retrograde generalizations are generally wrong. We will practice with both natal and transits in this series.

What is your refund policy?

100% refund is available up until the 29th of April, before the first class. After that a 75% refund is available until May 3. Then 50% is available until May 6th. After that no refund is available.