A 9 class video series on the evolutionary meaning of the retrograde planets

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Retrograde series may be purchased at half off at any time to Essentials Course students.

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student feedback
Ari is a wise and gifted teacher, who leads the class in a gentle, emphatic but always purposeful way. He sets up a safe space and well-structured container for learning, growing, healing and evolving. Ari’s teachings are not only about astrology and certain techniques but always also about the soul’s evolution itself and our experience here in earth school. For me it is so helpful, that Ari combines facts and knowledge with intuition, his deep wisdom and subtle delineations.
Verena Borrel
Evolutionary Astrologer
The Retrograde Class Series was exactly what I needed to encourage understanding and insight, rather than fear, of the "r" word. In an astrology climate of superficial catch phrases to describe the planets' retrogrades, Ari's gentle coaxing of a deeper understanding of the nuances of retrogrades was presented with the authenticity of heart and soul. The intimacy of Ari's teaching style always leaves me feeling as if I've just come from a profound soul-nurturing initiation into the understanding of the Self in the Cosmos, whether attending live or via a recorded session. Thank you for your devotion and generosity in sharing your wisdom.
Kelly Moran

Deepen your knowledge of the planetary archetypes with this valuable class series on retrograde planets.

Retrograde series may be purchased at half off at any time to Essentials Course students.

Frequently Asked Questions

All videos and workbook content is available on a page for enrolled students. 

Yes, questions can be asked within the context of the Essentials Course container. My request is that you ask the questions related to the planets we have already studied. For example, only ask a Pluto retrograde question once we have had our class on Pluto.

Feel free to reach out ceo@arimoshe.com
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