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[Sticky] Forum Guidelines - please read!

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Hello everyone!
It occurs to me that I forgot to go over the forum guidelines! My apologies for that. These guidelines are important so that we are all on the same page and it creates an energetically clear and grounded space for all of us.


The purpose of the forum is for anything that supports our study and integration of the curriculum. This includes:

  • Questions related to the segment we are currently at in our weekly meetings or any segments that came before
  • Posting practice of workbook assignments
  • Connecting with other students for the purposes of forming study partnerships or study groups (Feel free to do this anytime. And I'm also available to support anyone who wants to be paired up. We'll be creating a space to explore this soon).


What this space is not for:

  • Jumping ahead to segments we have not reached. We need to be respectful of those who are new to this work and have not studied and also support the strength and congruency of our step by step learning process. We should keep everything group related (live classes, forum) to where we are at as a group.
  • Posting personal charts, asking personal chart questions. On occasion, especially when we get to the Part II course, we will utilize our own charts. Those occasions will be intentional. Otherwise, it's important we make a distinction here between seeking personal insights into our own charts and practicing the course content.
  • Unsolicited feedback/ comments of a personal nature to anyone in this group.
  • Interpretation and astrological perspective that is not taught in this course. I have no judgments towards any other modalities and interpretations, however it's important that we stick with the teachings of this training program so as to not create any confusion or ambiguity in the learning field. We are all starting from the same place here!


Basic agreements

  • Confidentiality: Anytime something personal is shared by anyone here, we all agree that we do not take it outside of the forum.
  • Personal interaction: If we wish to reach out to someone privately to address something they shared of a personal nature (not directly related to our astrological learning), we contact them to first ask of their consent.
  • Respect: We honor and respect everyone's safety and right to be themselves and use this forum in the ways that are most helpful while in alignment with the forum guidelines. We acknowledge that our interactions with one another affirms and strengthens that field of safety for everyone to feel welcome and supported in this experience.


Please let me know if you have any questions, and always feel supported to ask questions. It's good for everyone. If I ever need to correct someone's behavior, I'll always do it gently and directly. It's never personal and we are all there sometimes.

Thank you for reading this and respecting this sacred container of learning and soul evolution