Welcome to the Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Training Program

Chart Interpretation Course!

In this course we will learn how to put all the various components of a chart together in order to interpret the chart from a heart and soul perspective. We will start with aspects, nodes, aspects to the nodes and then delve fully into chart interpretation work. We will learn through pre-recorded video, weekly live meetings, and a community forum available for those who wish to use it. Towards the last few weeks of our course, we will be joined by live volunteers during some of our weekly meetings. Our work with actual human beings will be a wonderful opportunity to integrate the material through direct human connection.

Welcome to those who are just joining this community now! Everyone in this course is ready to take this next step towards chart interpretive work. Please read this whole letter. Enclosed is the schedule for our meetings, recommended reading material before (or after) we begin our course, and important guidelines and agreements for our work together.

A day before the course begins, I will email everyone our Zoom link and instructions for how to access the curriculum and community forum. I look so forward to starting this new journey with you soon! If you have any need to get in touch with me, please contact ceo@arimoshe.com

With love,
Ari Moshe Wolfe

Chart Interpretation Course Schedule

Every week the videos lessons and workbook material will be released on Sunday. We will meet at the end of the week on Saturdays for a 90 minute Q and A and/or review session at 11:00 am Pacific time. The course runs 11 weeks, there is one integration/break week where we will not be meeting live.

Note there are additional optional meeting times available on some Thursdays from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. The additional meeting times may be adjusted slightly as the reality of the group reveals itself. Week 1 content will be released on May 23rd.

  • Week 1: The Lunar Nodes
    • May 29 Live Q and A
  • Week 2: Pluto and the Nodes
    • June 5 live Q and A
  • Week 3: Pluto, Nodes and Nodal Rulership
    • June 10 optional review session
    • June 12 live Q and A
  • Week 4: Intro to Aspects and Phases
    • June 17 optional review session
    • June 19 live Q and A
  • Week 5: June 20 – June 26 Integration week, no meetings
  • Week 6: Applying aspects
    • July 3 Live Q and A
  • Week 7: Applying aspects
    • July 10 live Q and A/review
  • Week 8: Applying aspects
    • July 15 optional review session
    • July 17 live Q and A
  • Week 9: Chart Interpretation Practice
    • July 22 optional review session
    • July 24 live practice meeting
  • Week 10: Chart interpretation Practice
    • July 31 Live Practice meeting
  • Week 11: Chart interpretation Practice
    • Aug 7 Live practice meeting

Guidelines and Agreements

Clear agreements set the stage for all students to feel rested and supported by a container that is dependable and consistent. These guidelines and agreements are established to prioritize and uphold a learning container that protects and honors the beautiful intention of all registered students to study and train in astrology.

When it comes to each student’s personal study of the pre-recorded video content, there are no guidelines as all students will self-pace in a way that aligns with their schedule. The guidelines and agreements listed here are relevant to our live meetings.

Our live meetings are a very important facet of this course. They are the only times where we are both together as a community and also have the opportunity to interface with the teacher directly in live time. In the Chart Interpretation Course we will begin to read charts and work with live volunteers. Thus, our live meetings are relational and communal by their very nature. It is necessary and of greatest importance that all students understand and are in agreement of the basic guidelines for participating in these meetings.

Guidelines for participation in live meetings.

  1. Purpose. The purpose of our meetings is for question and answer of the week’s related content and/or for practice of the week’s review questions. Please align with this purpose and be sure that all questions are about understanding the course content.
  2. Confidentiality and respect. Any time personal information is shared (by a student or a volunteer) it must be kept within the container of our class. This includes respecting the confidentiality and dignity of the views, feelings, and emotions that may be expressed.
  3. Discernment. Do not ask about your own chart signatures of that of others. On rare occasion, when it serves the purpose of clarifying or further integrating a teaching, it is fine to ask about certain signatures or share personal matters. Discerning when that is the case or not is truly a matter of honest self-reflection. If you are unsure, ask.
  4. Inclusivity. Be mindful of how much “space” you are occupying. In a community space where we are all learning together, we all take it upon ourselves to appreciate that our participation affects the greater field. Some students tend to be more shy while others tend to be more outgoing. While these differences are natural, it is asked that those who are more forthright take it upon themselves to cultivate an abundance of sensitivity and awareness of how their own presence is either detracting or supporting the collective field of inclusivity.
  5. Raise your hand. To ask a question, raise your digital hand. Ari, Michelle, or whomever is assisting in facilitating the meeting, will note the order of questions. Questions put in the comments are ok and they might be missed as they are harder to field. Digital hands will be prioritized.

If you are not able to review the week’s material before the Q and A, attendance of the Q and A is invited nonetheless. The community environment offers a richness of learning that is valuable in its own right. Just don’t ask questions about the content you haven’t studied yet.

My (Ari’s) commitment is to cultivate gentleness and decisiveness in doing my best to uphold a group space of highest integrity for the benefit of all of our learning. Please feel invited to reach out to me at any point if any needs or concerns arise for you.

Refund policy

Refunds will be available in full (minus any transactions fees if any are irreversible) until May 22. 75% refund available until May 29th. 50% refund available until May 5th. After May 5th no refund is available but credit can be applied to a future course.

Recommended Reading Prior to Course

These resources are not required, but suggested as an aid to the study we will embark upon in this next course. Can’t wait to get started? Dip your toes into these works:

Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Lays down the basic Evolutionary Astrology interpretive method with many examples. https://www.amazon.com/Pluto-Evolutionary-Journey-Soul-1/dp/1902405544

Understanding Karmic Complexes by Patricia Walsh. Excellent book from Evolutionary Astrologer and past life regression therapist, who has correlated natal charts to actual real life regression cases. Helpful book for our studies. https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Karmic-Complexes-Patricia-Walsh/dp/1902405439