Intuitive Guidance Session

These sessions are guided by the intuition and are held in an open space of compassionate listening, honesty and prayerful attunement to truth. During an intuitive guidance session I focus entirely on what is present for you now. I illuminate the evolutionary directive of your natal chart in order to provide specific insight regarding any soul/karmic dynamics that are relevant to your own growth at the time. I may also offer intuitive sound healing, prayer and channel direct affirmations relevant for your growth during these sessions.

An intuitive guidance session starts off with a minute or so of silent prayer and meditation, then we allow 60 minutes for the session. This service is available for individuals as well as couples.
Payment: $200

Payment and booking can be made on my Book a Session page

Relationship Reading

For 2 people who would like support in clarifying various dynamics in their relationship by looking at their charts from a soul perspective: why are they together, what’s the greater evolutionary purpose and potential of the relationship. Up to 90 minutes per session. I invite each individual to write out their intentions/questions and any relevant shares about the relationship and what brings both to book session prior to meeting with me. 
Payment: $250

Payment and booking can be made on my Book a Session page.