Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Practicum

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13 week container includes:

  • 2 weeks of topical classes on alignment and purpose
  • 4 weeks of Ari modeling live chart interpretation to volunteers (from outside the class)
  • 6 weeks of student practice chart reading
  • Weekly class to go over charts
  • Forum optional for preparation and review of practice charts
  • Option for continuing alumni support for 2023 training students (alumni receive additional monthly advanced practice class)


  • First 2 Weeks
    • Jan 2-8: Orientation, practicum goals. Space holding, intention, prayer, boundaries and alignment.
    • Jan 9-15: Navigating Unique Circumstances with Love.
  • 4 Weeks of Chart Reading
    • Jan 22: Live class chart Q and A
    • Jan 29: Live class chart Q and A
    • Jan 5: Live class chart Q and A
    • Feb 12: Live class chart Q and A
      • *Time will be extended for individual chart readings (but not group classes) as necessary.