About The Practicum

The purpose of this practicum is to create a space for students who have completed the complete Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Program to develop greater competency, skill and confidence in reading a chart from an evolutionary perspective. Our learning goals contain 3 basic components:

  • Accuracy

    Correct application of the teachings and technique.

  • Being helpful

    Using this knowledge in a way that is truly helpful for the soul's needs.

  • Coming into your own medicine

    While we are following a particular technique and set of teachings, Ari will also encourage and support each individual's own natural way of holding this work.

Practicum Overview

The practicum container is divided into 3 segments plus one additional option:

  • Segment 1: Purpose and Alignment

    The importance of alignment and knowing our purpose in doing this work for others + common pitfalls and their teachings. Taught over pre-recorded video and discussed via 2 live meetings over the first 2 weeks.

  • Segment 2: Live Chart Demonstration

    Ari will devote the next 5 weeks to live chart interpretation demonstration with outside volunteers, reading one chart a week. We will all prepare for each class by reading the volunteer's biographical information, their questions for their reading, and spending time with their chart.

  • Segment 3: Student Chart Work

    For the next 2-3 months, each student will be invited to read 2 live charts on their own. Ari will attend each reading with his video and camera off and then meet with the student directly after the session to go over the session together and offer feedback. During this segment, students are also encouraged to work in small groups or partners to practice together with more charts. Ari will be available to offer additional live practice opportunities according to the efforts given.

  • Optional Alumni Support

    Students who are ready are welcome to support new students in the 2023 full year training program with practice classes, tutoring or any offering that feels helpful. All alumni support students will continue to receive a monthly advanced chart practice class with Ari.

Practicum Structure

Components of the Practicum. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for additional clarification

  • Weekly Meetings

    Throughout the entire 4 or so month container, we will meet once weekly. In the beginning, this will be for our discussion on purpose and alignment. Then it will be for Ari's live chart reading. Then it will be for preparing or reviewing the student practice chart readings.

  • Pre-recorded content

    The first 2 weeks will include pre-recorded video teachings on the topic of working with real people.

  • Online Forum

    The practicum forum will be available for use in whatever way is helpful throughout the practicum. Additional chart practice can be shared there as well.

  • Student Chart Practice with Volunteers

    Starting in March, each student will set up time during the week (or weekends as necessary) to meet with volunteers and get Ari's feedback. These student readings are not the same time as our weekly group meetings.

  • Additional Practice Opportunities

    Students may also choose to self-organize with partners or small groups for additional practicing. Ari is available to meet live with such groups to go over their work and address questions.


Practicum begins the week of January 15 and runs till May or June (end date depends on number of enrolled students). We will take a week off from meeting live on average every 4 or so weeks.

Once enrollments begin we will find the one day a week that works best for everyone to meet.

2023 Student Practicum

$ 755
  • Full payment or 5 month payment plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Once we begin the student practice segment of the practicum we will devote our weekly meetings to preparing our student practice charts in whatever way is helpful for the student, as well as going over q and a on any previously read charts.

If you don’t feel ready for that, then you don’t have to. As long as you are committed to practicing and working with me in whatever way is accessible for you, that it fine. Find your edge and work there.

Each volunteer knows that they are working with a student, and they fully consent to the experience. Further, after each session, I will be available to both you and the volunteer to help clarify anything that feels helpful to clarify. Many of the volunteers choose to stay on Zoom for the post session feedback too.

I suggest that your first chart is of someone you know. For the second volunteer, I am happy to find someone for you.

Yes. Each volunteer will consent to their session being recorded. The session, as well as my post-session feedback, will also be available for student review. If a student does not want to share their reading with the group, that is also fine.

Ari will work with you to find all the times that match your availability and his availability. It is during those times that you will set up your volunteer sessions.

As of now, no. I am still considering what that might mean for me.

  • 100% refund (minus processing fee, which is generally about 3%) up until the day of January 15th.
  • 90% refund (minus processing fee) after the first live class but before the second.

I am not offering any discounts on the practicum. However, for those who are simply not able to afford the monthly payment amount, we can work out a more long term, interest free, payment plan.

For example, instead of $155 a month for 5 months, it can be $77.50 for 10 months etc. I’m available to work that out with each individual on a case by case basis.