Planets that square the lunar nodes in the natal chart represent essential areas of soul growth and healing intended for the current life. Contained in these signatures are an immense amount of information that pertains to both the unresolved soul dynamics brought into this lifetime for healing, and it’s potential resolution.

As per all things astrology, understanding and working wisely with planetary nodal squares can serve as a powerful aid to our personal evolution. 

In this class Series, Ari will lead us on an in depth journey into the full scope of planets that square the nodes, one planet at a time!

What You Will Learn

Included in this Series

Class Topics and Dates

All classes will take place live on Zoom once a month on ___ at ___. 

Pre-recorded intro class – comes with purchase

Pluto Square the Nodes – Dec __ 

Mars Square the Nodes – Jan __

Neptune Square the Nodes – Feb __

Venus Square the Nodes – Mar __

Uranus Square the Nodes – April __

Mercury Square the Nodes – May __

Saturn Square the Nodes – June __

Jupiter Square the Nodes – July __

Chiron Square the Nodes – August __

Moon Square the Nodes – September —

Sun Square the Nodes – October __

AC DC Axis Square to the Nodes – November __

MC IC Axis Square to the Nodes – December __

Cost and Registration

Planet Square Nodes Year Series

One-Time Payment
$ 400 One-time payment

Planet Square Nodes Year Series

Payment Plan
$ 85 Monthly for 5 months

For those who have already purchased the introduction classcontact me for the coupon code to receive $45 off. (Valid for both one time payment and payment plan).

I can't make all the classes live, can I still attend? 

Yes, recordings are available and all students will have life-time access to the content.

Where did you learn these teachings?

The essence of these teachings come from my training in Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Can I purchase an individual class alone?

As I roll out each class, an individual class purchase option will be made available.

What is your refund policy?

100% refund (minus transaction fee) up until the day before the series beings. 90% refund (minus transaction fee) within a day after the first class. No refund after that point.