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Classes, Workshops & Series

Welcome to My Classes Page!

Here you will find a wide assortment of classes, series, and individual segments from my training program. Click any of these titles to jump to a particular section!

  • Single Classes & Series

    Classes and series taught live on various topics: nodes, Saturn and Jupiter issues, transits, Rx planets and more!

  • 12 Signs, Houses, Philosophy and Astronomy

    Individual classes on the basics of Evolutionary Astrology:

  • The Planets: Complete Series

    Evolutionary meaning of each of the Planets

  • Pluto and the Lunar Nodes in EA

    The Core EA interpretive paradigm focusing on aspect and phases, Pluto and the Nodes and aspects to all of them.

  • Transits, Progressions and Life Cycles

    Classes on tracking planetary movements through transits, progressions and life cycles.

Stand alone classes and series

Each of these products were once taught live as either a one time class or a one time class series

Retrograde Planet Complete Class Series

New! Planets that Square the Lunar Nodes

The Water Signs

The Water Signs:
7 Part Series

Healing Saturn Issues

Healing Saturn Issues:
2 Part Series

Healing Jupiter Issues:
2 Part Series

Intimacy & Sexuality In The Great Healing

Understanding the AC/DC

The Transiting Lunar Nodes

Planets on the South Node

Synastry Core Signatures

Individual Classes from the Full Training Program

All of these classes are individual segment from my year long training program: the Essentials Course and the Chart Interpretation Course.

To gain access to the complete transcript of the Essentials Course, join the live program or purchase the Self-Study for a discount on all of these products. 

Signs, Houses, Astronomy & Philosophy

The Planets: Complete Series

Pluto and the Lunar Nodes in EA

Transits, Progressions & Life Cycles

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