Thank you for choosing to be an affiliate! Please read the affiliate details and agreement and then fill out the affiliate agreement form below.

Heart & Soul Centered Astrology Referral Program Guidelines

  • Referral Code

    After filling out this form, you will receive a referral code that you will give to the referred student(s) to use as their coupon code during enrollment. Ari's system will automatically track how many times each code is used.

  • Referral Payment and Discount

    Each time your referral code is used during enrollment, Ari will pay you $50 per usage and grant a $50 discount to each student that uses it. Referral codes apply equally for the Full Year Training Program as well as the Essentials Course. The referred student's discount is always a one-time $50 discount regardless of which course they enroll in, or which payment method they choose.

  • Payment Agreement

    All referral payments will be paid out on the first of February 2023. By then, the course will have been running for 2 weeks, and refunds on the course will no longer be available. If more referred students join in the month of February, then referral payments will be paid out once again on the first of March 2023.

  • In Case of Refund and Tuition Assistance

    Referral payment will not be granted in the case of student refund. Referral payment and student discount do not apply in the case when the referred student is receiving tuition assistance.